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What is hands-only CPR?

CPR is an action anyone can learn to give someone the best chances of survival after an individual's heart stops beating (cardiac arrest). Unlike previous CPR training that required mouth-to-mouth breathing, hands-only CPR involves pushing fast in the center of the chest (chest compressions), which has been shown to be effective in saving lives.

Critical to survival, CPR delays of even a few minutes while awaiting emergency responders to arrive significantly reduce a person's chance for survival. Studies show a 7 to 10 percent decrease in survival for every minute CPR is not performed. 

Survival from cardiac arrests in
San Diego County

In 2021, 8.2 percent of people who experienced out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in San Diego County were revived and survived the event. CPR prior to medical first responder arrival was initiated nearly half of the time (48 percent) in San Diego County. Science tells us that training more people to perform life-saving chest compressions will save additional lives.

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